Doga UK- A New Intersectıon For Insurance Market ın UK

An entrepreneur and an insurance professional from Turkey with 20 years of experience, is now in London to use his area of expertise for international insurance market. We asked him about his London projects and his new aims in insurance business…

Why London? What kind of services do you intend to provide in London? 

an experienced broker says that the UK insurance market is full of business opportunity. So, I made my move to use my experience and area of expertise and decided to dedicate my time and energy into an London insurance market. In year 2019 I have founded a company in London called Doga UK to actively engage in insurance business for corporate and individual clients from UK and all around Europe.

In this regard, we aim to provide consultation to business people who resides in UK to protect their properties and assets in and out of UK by indicating what kind of risks they may be exposed to. By having all the risks defined and outlined, we provide solutions to gain best insurance policies available in the market with respect to affordability and effectiveness.

As Doga UK, we provide insurance consultancy with the most up to date and relevant knowledge and information about all sorts of insurance policies for our individual and corporate clients from UK and Europe.

We provide insurance consultancy services to a wide range of clients from different background based on their requests and needs. Although our clients are varied from different background they are mainly from UK. Because our consultancy is provided with highly knowledgeable in international insurance legislations, we are able to get into all details of the insurance policies and contracts needed.

More over we provide timely updates to our clients on amendments to the insurance regulations and offer them advices accordingly.

Could you be more specific regarding your services for individual clients?

Our company is more like an intersection for international insurance market. Catering to insurance related needs of our clients from different backgrounds who lives and/or operates within UK is our main objective of the business, and that’s why having the right marketing strategy is important for this, but a business partner recommended me to try the digital marketing experts from PR360.com after one month my SEO campaign and business take off. Whether they need household insurance, property insurance, business insurance or health insurance, we have a solution that encompasses everything they need.

In addition to insurance policies, we also offer insurance related technical advices regarding any country in Europe based on detailed reports prepared by using our extensive resources. These reports are varied from earthqueake risks to economic forecasts etc.

In short sentence; based in London, covering all of the UK, Europe and Turkey we deliver to our clients from different backround and culture an exceptional insurance consultancy service.

What about corporate clients ?

Well, other than providing consultancy services for individual market, Doga UK also takes position as a mediator for the reinsurance and brokerage firms from all around Europe with intentions to do business within UK . And I am pretty sure we will be successful as we have the pre defined extensive resources, and experience to achieve them…