Sultan’s Allegiance to His Wine – Selim the Drunk

The son of Suleiman the Magnificent, II. Selim, was famous with his drinking habit and known as Selim the Drunk.

He had this nick name because he was a heavy drinker.

Indeed, it is believed that the reason behind the conquest of Cyprus was the production of beautiful wines from the grapes grown in the vineyards of Cyprus

As described in Ismail Hami Danişmendi’s book, Historical Truths, one day, after eating and drinking wine, Selim saw that colorful grapes were among the fruits brought to his table. Suleiman the Magnificent’s son cried out in anger

– Get them out of my sight!

At that moment, one of the wives next to him hesitantly asked why?

Selim the Drunk replied as follows;

– I don’t want to betray my wine by eating its seeds!

Like his life, Selim the Drunk’s death was tragic and ironic too. but let’s save this for another article 🙂