The Coast is Where the Sea Gives Up

Story starts like this;

All the people created from the beginning to the end were gathered together before sent to the Earth. They answered a simple question asked;

” Whom do you worship ? ”

Then the Universe and the Earth were created. After that the first male Adam and the first female Eve were placed on the Earth. Then the story continued with their children Abel and Cain

According to the Semitic religions, we are talking about an 8 to 10 thousand years of history for the adventure of mankind on earth.

However, in the light of scientific data, the emergence of modern man goes back 50,000 years.

Now let’s make an interesting point here

According to estimates of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), which operates in the United States, more than 108 billion members of our species have been born in the last 50,000 years.

The current global population is about 8 billion.

So the current World population is about 7.5 percent of the total number of people who have ever lived on the face of earth

Even more interestingly, assuming that the current population growth will continue at the same pace, we could easily reach to a conclusion that from around 50,000 BC to 2050 BC, approximately 113 billion people will have lived on Earth.

Lets be honest to each other,

the vast majority of these 113 billion people ended their lives as paganists or polytheists

So what does it mean?

It means that the vast majority of these people believed in false Gods.

How dissapointing that is…

How did this happen ?

When people could not understand what was going on around them, they created gods to fill these gaps. And every answer given to fill these gaps was accompanied by a fear of gods.

Who knows, maybe humankind didn’t even realize that he was the only creator, the creator of the rules, the gods, and the civilization itself, while searching for the creator he wanted to relate to.

We have said that approximately 100 billion people (Homo-Sapiens) have been dead for the last 50,000 years.

While the motive of survival instict is a common feature of almost all living things, human beings are the only living beings who know that one day they will die. In other words these hundred billion people knew that one day they would die.

Also the fact that people prefer to remember the notion of death only at the funeral of others shows their helplessness as well as effort to hold on to life

Probably 200 years from now, neither our name nor our tomb will remain. We will hold no meaning to anybody.

However, the struggle of scientists to find the truth has gained tremendous momentum, especially in the last 200 years.

Many things that could not have been imagined two centuries ago became our daily needs and essentials.

So who can guarantee that science cannot defeat death in the distant future?

So who can guarantee that science cannot defeat death in the distant future?

Maybe even bring our loved ones back in life?

The agnostic or atheist point of view suggests that concepts such as God, Angel, Satan, Heaven and Hell are the theories that people bring forth with selfish motives.

With all the facts in your hand, you can believe that there is no life after death, or that this world is a test, and that real life begins after death.

But what do we really know about our existence or the universe we live in?

Let me give you a funny but surprisingly real example;

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not taken seriously by religious people. Because to them the idea that man comes from a monkey or descends from a common ancestor is both humiliating and silly.

However, the same people have no difficulty believing that man is made of mud and woman is made of man’s rib.

Why ?

Perhaps the domination of divine fears over the majority makes foolishness ordinary or even normal.

So what will happen ?

As science develops itself, all questions will be answered. 


The coast is where the sea gives up.