Who is Mustafa Arif?

I was born in 1978 in Istanbul. After graduating from High School in 1995, I graduated from University, in Business Administration in year 2000. After graduation, I decided to continue my studies in Australia. Firstly I successfully completed the language course of Monash University, located in the city of Melbourne, Victoria.

Following the language course, I received the certificate of Business Administration in year 2002 from an institute called Cambridge Institute. At the end of year 2005, I successfully completed a degree – Business Information Systems in Business Administration – at the Royal Melbourne Technology of Institute (RMIT) University.

During and after my education years in Australia, I worked casual or professional in many sectors such as restaurant management, call center and IT.

Towards the end of 2008 I returned back to Turkey and undertook a position of Foreign Trade Deputy Director for a kitchen materials manufacturer.  In 2009, I returned to Australia again and began a master’s degree in International Relations at Sydney-based Macquaire University.

During my education years, I participated in various research and article contests. For example, I won the first prize from Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce with my research paper named ”delegation of authority and localization in local governments ”. The paper was published by the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and presented to the researchers in the library of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. 

In addition, I won the 3rd prize in the article competition organized by the Aegean Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association on the subject of ”The Effects of Customs Union on Turkish Industry”.

My interests include reading books, watching DVDs, making collections, and following up on Internet technologies.

I embrace origami as a political view and know that seven Muslims may come together on a single prayer rug, but I also know that two Muslims can never sit and fit on a same throne at the same time as well